Bride's Love: Shower of Blessings

Posted on July 05 2017


Beautiful Ann,


Come on in.  This is your special day.  We are all here to celebrate your very special chapter of your life.  You are a stunning and beautiful bride, being showered with blessings from your friends and family with hugs, gifts, words, smiles and laughter.  Today we celebrate you and your love! 













I remember the day you met Kevin when his cousin introduced you two.  Kevin thought you had the prettiest smile in the whole world.  You, on the other hand, didn't think much of him except that he was pleasant and well mannered.  But from the second date on and months into dating, you secretly knew that he was going to be the one, as you sensed a sureness inside that you had never felt before.  Unlike any of your past relationships, you felt loved and honored when you were with him.  Even through years, he still makes you feel confident that he loves you just the way you are, but at the same time empowers you to want to become a better person.  Not only is Kevin an amazing man, he is the right man for you.


But this sweet love is all the more precious, admired and appreciated, because it is different than your past relationships that were hurting and regretful.  You wish you didn't have to go through so many breakups, but from each failed relationship you mainly learned what you didn't want and shouldn't want in a relationship.  Out of all, you learned that the most important thing in a loving relationship is willingness to value the other person above yourself.  You learned that valuing the one closest to you begins with your speech, that what and how you say truly indicate how much you honor that person. 







As a new bride, your expectation for marriage is that it will be hard but enjoyable.  You are expecting a lot of work, and yet happy and grateful that you now have a partner to do life with.  There will be surprises, disappointments, and a set of challenges you've never experienced before, but you will certainly have a loving companion that supports you and keeps you warm by your side.  For two are better than one.  Always remember that love is the ultimate reason why you married him and out of that deep love, mercy and honor can always be extended.   


So for those who dread the thought of living with one man for the rest of your life, be encouraged because there is hope and freedom in finding the one that you can fully trust and love.  And those who are not sure if your man is the right one to marry, see what and how he speaks to you.  Once you find the right man - you can and you will - all the blessings will be showered on you with smiles and laughter.









About Ann

Ann is a wife-to-be and dog mom.  She is an accountant by trade, and loves watching movies and outdoor activities.  She says that without love there is no relationship, and honoring is what maintains a loving relationship.  One of my goals is to be my husband's #1 fan! - @annkim730



Outfit Details:


White Dress: Leila Crinkled White Dress from PUT ON LOVE

Red Dress: Macy's









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