Brave Love: Passion

Posted on January 08 2018


Beautiful Juliane,


I see your busy hands, skillfully moving your fingers, spinning the sewing machine, measuring, cutting, stitching, carefully but confidently putting together a work of art.  As a handbag designer, you put all your best, excellence, and delicate details into making a beautiful handbag.  As you create each piece, your eyes twinkle while you imagine the person who will be enjoying the final product.  When you see someone carrying your handbag you get thrilled and inspired to continue your work as a designer.  This is your passion and what you love to do.  You love to unleash your creativity and see your inspiration turn into a tangible and valuable merchandise.  







I see your busy hands again, this time moving your fingers lovingly, fastening the diaper, sanitizing the bottles, washing, feeding, wiping, swaddling your baby and gently patting her back.  As a beautiful mom, you work hard each and everyday trying to be the best parent you could be by attending to every need of your baby.  At the end of the day, her smile and cackle are what gives you exuberant joy and makes everything worthwhile.  You never understood how happy you could be, until your daughter Celine was born.  This is your passion and what you love to do.  You love seeing your daughter laugh and grow up to be a healthy and happy child in this world.  





Of course it wasn't always easy balancing this busy life.  Sometimes you would feel overwhelmed because you have to wear many hats as a designer, business owner, mom, and wife.  People always wonder what motivates you to move forward, and I can see that it is your passion that comes from love.  You find things that you love to do.  You love designing and selling your products.  You find the time to play with your daughter because you love making eye contact and laughing with her.  You love living in New York City and sharing life with your husband.  You love helping people in poverty and contribute a portion of your profits to charities.  You love learning so you dream and set goals for going back to school one day.  Each task you do - even the most mundane thing - matters for both you and those around you, as these little steps lead to bigger steps to shape your future.  






Beautiful Juliane, today I celebrate your tenacity and hard work that you have shown through your life thus far.  Your dedication, love, and commitment for yourself, your family, and the community deserve to be recognized and commended.  Thank you for being an inspiration to those who are afraid of new adventures of starting a new business or family.  Thank you for always moving your hands swiftly and elegantly, balancing the chaos with strength and poise, showing us that life is beautiful when we do things out of love for me and others.


For those who are experiencing lack of passion in their life or feel unmotivated to get up each morning, remember that passion comes from love, so think of one thing you would love to do and try it!  Start moving forward, taking one day at a time, putting one foot in front of the other.  What you do matters, trust me.  Little footprints will turn into a bigger pathway in your beautiful life journey.  I honor all your hard work that you put in for yourself and others in this world.







About Juliane

Juliane lives in Manhattan, New York, as a handbag designer, wife, first-time mom and dog mom.  Her brand AEHEE New York was featured in Eco Fashion Talk on its front page and as Editor's Picks in SIMPLY magazine issue #5.  Juliane says be yourself and do your best because each person has a given talent and gift that can be used to bless others! - @aeheeny



Outfit Details:

Chiffon Kimono:  Eliza Chiffon Floral Kimono from PUT ON LOVE





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